To alleviate the poverty and to develop the economy of the nation, it is necessary for the people to have the careers, to run household businesses or small or medium enterprises according to their capacity, techniques and experiences. However, the people usually face difficulties in accessing to the source of capital to establish and expand their businesses. Such issues result in increase of MFIs and the loans of 1,247,773 million riels (roughly US$ 300 million) have been granted to around 878,559 borrowers1. Nevertheless, the microfinance sector has not sufficiently fulfilled the needs of the people living under poverty line that account for approximately 4 million people.
Because of this issue, a group of shareholders have cooperated with each other to establish a new microfinance institution called CAMMA MICROFINANCE LIMITED with the registered capital of USD 200,000, and it was registered at the Ministry of Commerce on 06 April 2010 and licensed by the National Bank of Cambodia on 29 July