Over recent years, Cambodia’s economy has being grown at an approximately rate 7%, along with the political stability  makes  both  domestic and  foreign investors as well as clients increasingly confident in the economy. The investment in microfinance sector has also increased from year  to  year.  Virtually,  in the  last  five  years from 2010 to 2014 microfinance institutions increased from 25 to 45. In addition, some banks have also turned to capture  market  share in  microfinance sector  to  provide small  and  medium-sized loans to its clients. The growth of microfinance institutions and the bank’s strategic changing  get  customers to have more  options in planning their budget in order to improve their living standards and reduce the poverty. Meanwhile, microfinance sector meets challenges such as staff’s leaving from place to place, many indebted consumers and competition to grab customers.
Even though Camma has these problems, it remains to succeed more than the previous year in providing loans. For credit balances in 2014, Camma achieved 94.64% of the plan set, which is equivalent to US $ 4,736,462. Return on equity increased in rate of 3.00% which is equal to 19.94% if compared to 2013. Return on asset increased in a rate of 24.62 in 2014. This result indicates the progress of Camma and its ability to adapt with facing issues in vision of microfinance sector.
In 2014, the Board of director welcomed Mr. Thun Vattana, who is a new formal member in January 02, 2014 to replace of Mrs. Say Channak, who has resigned from her responsibility. On behalf of the board of directors, I’d like to thank Mrs. Say Channak who contributed to build Camma during the past five years. Mr. Thun Vathana is a professor, who has highly experience in microfinance sector. I hope that the presence of Mr. Thun Vathana will make Camma’s corporate governance have more strength and will be a guide in leading Camma to get more successful.
Camma’s long-term strategy is to build strong corporate governance, which is the basis of the welfare and progress of Camma. Accordance with this clear strategy, I strongly believe that the ASEAN economic integration 2015, management and all employees of Camma will overcome every problem and take opportunity from this integration.
Camma’s success cannot take shape without any support of shareholders, financial partners and the authorities at all levels. Management and staff are the strong pillars of Camma. Therefore, on behalf of the Board of directors I would like to thank all of you who contribute to the success of Camma.