CAMMA Microfinance's Logo

Camma’s Name and Identity

In Khmer context, the word “CAMMA” means “well-being”. Well-being is a core factor that our institution is keeping in mind because the well-being of the clients means the well-being of our institution as well as of the society as a whole.

The identity of CAMMA is inscribed with a head of golden phoenix carrying a stem of paddy by its beak surrounded by letter C symbolizing the word CAMMA with yellow, grey and green colors. Under the golden phoenix head, the red Khmer and English as CAMMA MICROFINANCE are inscribed.

The golden phoenix’s head represents the cash and the potential of providing reliable loans to the people. The stem of paddy symbolizes the agricultural produces and diversified businesses of the people who obtain the loans from Camma Microfinance Limited. The green color symbolizes the natural environment and the growth of businesses of the clients and the institution. The yellow symbolizes the creativity and the common sense of the staff. The light grey between the yellow and the green symbolizes the closest interaction between the institution and the clients. The red color symbolizes the courage of the staff in providing the microfinance service to the clients to bring about the prosperous living standard to the clients.